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News 2014

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at Valerock.

15th September

Congratulations to Jeannie Duckworth and Scotty, they won the younstock class and the M ad M largebreeds went on to be in hand champion and reserve supreme of the show at Osbaldeston yesterday. What a wonderful achievement for them.

Valerock Ambassador (Strathleven Drumochter x Oldhams Wood Miss Molly) 2 year old colt

Image: Valerock Ambassador

9th September

This lovely photo is of Valerock Thorn, kindly sent to me by his rider Lauren.
Owned by Tracey Toole, they have had Woody from a yearling, and have done extremely well with him.
Woody won the novice ridden, the open ridden and then went on to be champion at Haigh show.
Well done to them,.

Valerock Thorn (Blairgowrie of Whitefield x Trowan Violet)

Image: Valerock Thorn 6 year old gelding

Another win for Buttercup, took her to Ribble Valley show, she won the yearling class and got a lovely trophy. Expertly shown by Graham  for me thankyou. 

Image: Valerock Buttercup yearling filly

26th August

We had a good day at NPS area 4 took Buttercup, yearling filly.
She won the yearling class and then went on to win highland champion.
Buttercup was amazing she behaved so well for a baby. 
Big thankyou to Graham Davenport who did a fantastic job of showing her for me.

Image: Valerock Buttercup

18th August

We have had a few days at Equifest and the Southern Highland pony show.
We took Ruby and foal Monroe, they did well, Ruby was 3rd in her equifest highland mare class and she was 2nd in the brood mare class at the Southern but little Monroe won the foal class. They were both brilliant.
Wanted to say a big thankyou to Bev Neal for showing Ruby for me and to all her helpers for the great job of bathing a very cross Ruby she hates cold water! Thanks to Victoria Walker who took these wonderful photo's.
Pics below of Ruby and Monroe and of the handsome chap Valerock St George who had a very successful week at Equifest well done Bev and George!

Image: Valerock Sweet Briar and Valerock Monroe

Image: Valerock Monroe

Image: George and Bev

Image: Bev and George in the concours

28th July

Well after last weeks disaster at the show with Buttercup, we tried again
on Sunday and yay she actually trotted! She was first in a big youngstock
class and first again in M and M.
Thanks to Graham who showed her for me
Buttercup at the show.

Image: Valerock Buttercup

21st July

Yesterday we went to a show with Brigid and Buttercup, they were both really good, it was Buttercups first show, she loaded and travelled well.
Brigid did very well, she was 4th in the yearling class and then won the large breed M and M.
As for Buttercup the little madam, she would not trot a stride in the ring, still she looked beautiful, and the judge liked her. Hope we have better luck next time!
Photos below from the show.

Valerock Brigid. Yearling filly. (Blairgowrie of Whitefield x Valerock Miss Brodie.)

Image: Valerock Brigid. Yearling filly. (Blairgowrie of Whitefield x Valerock Miss Brodie.)

Valerock Buttercup yearling filly. (Strathleven Drumochter x Bryony of Combebank.)

Image: Valerock Buttercup

7th July

Its been a sad time for us here at Valerock with the loss of two of my old girls, Hobcroft Blossom and Trowan Violet. They were my foundation mares. They have  left me a wonderful legacy with their daughters some of them are still with me and  to all the others that  have been sold on and doing well for their owners.
Goodnight special ladies.

On a lighter note, we have been out showing at the weekend.
Valerock Sweet Briar and her foal Monroe they both got a first place in the mare and foal class at Ribble Valley.  We also took Ruby out a couple of weeks ago and she won the M and M largebreeds no class for the foal though just went for a practice. Ruby hasnt done any showing since the younngstock classes and she is now 11,  She behaved really well and so diid the foal.

Valerock Ambassador was at the same show he is a two year old colt out of Oldhams Wood Miss Molly by Strathleven Drumochter owned by Jeannie Duckworth. He was second in a huge class of two and three year olds, well done to them.

Pics from the show.

Valerock Sweet Briar and her colt foal Monroe

Image: Ruby and Monroe

Valerock Monroe


Valerock Ambassador


21st June

Well done to Bev Neal and Valerock St George getting 2nd at the Royal
Highland show in the 4,5 and 6 year old ridden class, he looks amazing and is a credit to Bev. So proud of them.
Photo courtesey of Bev.

Image: Valerock St George at the Highland show

15th June

My last foal has arrived safely, a filly out of Bryony of Combebank by Duie. She is really lovely and very chunky, both are doing well.
Here is a photo of Bluebell.

Image: filly foal

19th May

Valerock Claudene had her first foal on Saturday morning a filly, she is a good mum, I have named the filly Maggie,  she is so pretty, I am really happy with the first crop of foals from Duie.  


Oldhams Wood Miss Molly had a colt foal on Sunday morning sired by Duie, he is lovely and very friendly.

Image: colt foal

10th May

At last I have a foal 2 weeks overdue. A yellow dun colt out of Ruby and my first by Duie, he is huge and very handsome I am really thrilled with him. 
His name is Valerock Monroe.

Image: Colt foal Valerock Monroe

6th May

Massive congratulations to Bev Neal and Valerock St George for getting their HOYS ticket on their 1st attempt at TSR Onley, what a wonderful achievement for them both, so proud of them!
It has been a good weekend for Valerock ponies at the shows below are some photos of them.

Image: Valerock St George

Image: Valerock St George

Valerock Ambassador 2 year old colt, owned by Jeanie Duckworth winning M and M youngstock at Ribble Valley on Sunday,  well done Scotty and Jeanie.

Image: Valerock Ambassador

Valerock Thorn 6 year old gelding, owned by Tracey Toole, winning the heritage mixed novice class at the Cheshire Premier Spring Show.
Big well done to Tracey and Woody and his young rider.

Image: Valerock Thorn

15th March

Time for a much needed update! The winter has been dreadful here, so wet my barn flooded several times. The ponies needed flippers|
Regardless of the weather the ponies have wintered well, with it being so mild we had plenty of grass.

The sun has been shining for over a week now, managing to get out for a few hacks.
Here is a photo of Duie and me enjoying a sunny ride out.

Image: Duie out for on a hack

The mares are due next month, Molly first, then Ruby and Claudene all in foal to Duie. Looking forward to seeing the new arrivals. Pabbay is in foal to Blair due May and Bryony is later in June she is in foal to Duie as well.

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