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News 2010

23rd December

Wishing friends old and new a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

A festive couple of pics of the mares and foals.

Image: Mares and foals

Image: Bryony Ruby and Marsha

Valerock St George at the North west champs


Jamie Velvets colt foal.


Florence Ruby's filly foal.


B J the baby of the bunch at only 6 weeks old, she is Molly's filly.


Sammy Pabbay's colt foal.


Marsha Bryony's filly foal.


Jamie, B J and Florence.


From left to right Florence, Jamie, B J, Marsha and Sammy.

Image: foals grazing

31st August

Yesterday we took Drum to the NPS area 4 show in Harrogate. He had a very successful show taking the Highland champion and then going on to get supreme M and M champion. Absolutely delighted with him he was his usual well behaved self, shame he had to miss his ridden class because it clashed with the championship he thought so too when the ponies in the next ring started cantering, he cantered as well although he was in hand!!
Here is a photo from the show.

Image: Drumochter NPS area 4

23rd August

We had a great week at Equifest and the Southern Highland pony show. Got back on Sunday evening and waiting at the gate was a wonderful surprise Molly and her brand new filly foal!!! She was up and suckling but only just born really glad we didn't get stuck in traffic on the way home. Molly had'nt cleansed but did as soon as I brought them both in. They are doing really well.
Here are a couple of pics

Image: Filly foal by Drumochter

Image: Mollys filly

Drumochter did really well at Equifest, he won the Equifest qualified Fells,Dales,Highland class and went through to the evening performance, which was brilliant, Drum loved the limelight!! He also got 9th in a massive class of 39 entries in the ridden large breeds, which we were really thrilled with.
On Saturday he was in the ridden highland class and once again he did brilliantly and got 3rd.
He was 2nd in the in hand highland stallion class.
Then on Sunday it was the Southern Highland pony show. Drum was 5th in the novice ridden and 2nd in the stallion class.

Pic of George

Image: Valerock St George at Equifest

1st July

We have been up to Edinburgh for the Royal Highland Show, our annual holiday, we took Drum for the senior stallion class and he got a 3rd. The weather was glorious and we had a brilliant time.
Here are a selection of photo's of the mares and foals.







5th June

Another new arrival this morning, Velvet had a colt sired by Blairgowrie. He is huge a real chunky monkey I am delighted with him. Everything was fine with them both and she is happy with her new baby.

Pics of the new foal

Image: Velvets colt foal

31st May

We have been to our local agricultural show today Great Harwood.
We took Drumochter and Pearl and they both did really well.
Pearl came 2nd in her M and M youngstock class which I was very pleased with, she behaved very nicely.
Then Drumochter was first in the M and M mature class, then he got in hand champion too, thrilled to bits with him. In the afternoon Drumochter was in the novice ridden M and M class, it was his first time on grass and only his third ridden show and to my delight he won that too. What a little star he is considering this week he came home to serve mares and then goes back to his ridden job without a fuss.

Here are some photo's from the show.

Image: Sea Pearl

Image: Valerock Sea Pearl

4th May

Yesterday we took Drumochter for another outing to Holcombe hunt show. He did very well, winning his M & M in hand class which meant that he went through to the evening performance. He then went on to take overall in hand champion, I was thrilled to bits the atmosphere was electric and Drum just loved it especially the hunting horn making him a tad exited!!
In the afternoon he was in the Fell, Dales, and Highlands ridden class, which had to be split with a large entry. Drum exelled himself in this class and was pulled into the top six for the evening performance. I was over the moon with him.
Here are some pics
Photo's courtesy of Equinational.

Image: Drumochter head shot

30th April

Ruby has foaled today and at a very respectable time too around 1.30pm this afternoon. She must have waited for me to go out, I was only out for a couple of hours and when I got back the foal was up and suckling. Ruby has had a filly and this one is by Blairgowrie. At least I can go to bed tonight for the first time in a week. Just got Velvet and Molly to go yet they are both due in a couple of weeks.

Image: Rubys filly new born

Image: Rubys filly new born

28th April

We had another foal born in the early hours of this morning. Bryony of Combebank had a filly by Drumochter. They are both fine now, it was a bit of a drama to say the least. Bryony decided to foal in the boggy ground at the bottom of the field and the filly had obviously struggled to get up, when I arrived she was exausted and covered in mud I managed to get her up and warm her with my jacket and get her suckling so she soon picked up thank goodness.
Here she is

Image: Olive

Image: Olive Bryonys filly foal

Yesterday in the early hours Pabbaydene finally foaled, she was nearly 4 weeks overdue. She has had a lovely colt by Blairgowrie. Pabbay and her foal are doing very well, she adores him.
Here are some pics of the new boy.

Image: Pabbaydenes colt foal

Image: tired out!!

18th February

Not a great deal of news to report so far this month. The mares and youngstock are looking great and have thrived out in the snow and ice.
Hopefully there should be five new additions for this year. The mares are all looking very much in foal now. Pabbay is due first at the end of March, the others are due April and May.

Valerock Miss Brodie has gone to her new home in Kent with Michelle Homes and is settling in well.

Here is a photo of Brodie courtesey of Michelle.

Image: Valerock Miss Brodie in snowy Kent

This cute picture is of the colt foals, George, Valiant, Victor and Robbie, well officially yearlings now having a sleep together. They do everything together and are so funny a real bunch of cheeky monkeys ! They will be for sale and if I ever get a photo of them clean I will put them on the for sale page.

Image: Colt foals having a snooze

3rd January

Happy New Year, wishing everyone all the very best for 2010.

It is still snowing here at present.
The ponies are wintering very well, they love this snow and ice. Took some pics this morning of them in the woods. They come down in the mornings to thaw out I think! They were all really hot when I was taking the photo's in fact Velevet was sweating. Couldn't say the same for me though it was FREEZING!!!!!

Image: Valerock Sweet Briar

Image: Oldhams wood miss Molly

Image: Bryony of Combebank

Image: Violet, Velvet, Thorn and Flower sunbathing!

Image: Mandy and Valerock St. George

Image: George and Victor

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