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News 2013

25th December

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at  Valerock highlands.
This lovely photo is of Valerock Mountain Ash (Bruce) pic courtesy of Catherine Boorman his owner,  Bruce going out for the Boxing day ride.


29th August

The photos below are of Dubhadh Riogail of Glenbuckie, my new stallion. We took him to Nps Area 4 show in Harrogate, it was the first time I had shown him, he was very well behaved and he got 4th place not bad for a 15 year old boy!
My mares have all been settled in foal to Duie, and I am really looking forward to seeing their offspring next year.

Image: Duie nps show

Image: Duie nps show

4th August

Today we had an outing to our local show Ribble Valley, they have a mare and foal class there. Took Valerock Miss Brodie and her filly foal Bridget. The filly was really good, she loads herself into the lorry and marches off through the show leading her mum, she is such a brave little foal. They both got 1st prize.  Bridget is sired by Blairgowrie of Whitefield.
My friend Jeanie was also there with Valerock Ambassador (Scotty) he is a yearling colt by Strathleven Drumochter out of Oldhams Wood Miss Molly. He behaved really well and got a 3rd prize, well done to them.
Photos below of the mare and foal and Scotty.

Image: Valerock Miss Brodie and her filly foal Bridget

Image: Valerock Bridget

Image: Valerock Ambassador yearling colt

13th July

Bryony of Combank foaled in the early hours of this morning, a yellow dun filly by Strathleven Drumochter.
She is beautiful, and very chunky, I had to bring her in out of the boiling hot sunshine, she is now cantering around her stable bless her!

Image: Bryony of Combebanks filly foal

Image: Bryony of Combebanks filly foal new born

28th June

A more recent photo of Valerock Miss Brodie and her filly foal Bridget, in for a bit of respite from the rain, and a chance to handle the filly.

Image: Valerock Miss Brodie

Image: Brodies filly foal 6 weeks

26th June

We have had a great week at the Highland show, the weather was glorious. We took Valerock Velvet for the in hand and ridden classes.
Velvet took the whole thing in her stride, I thought she may find it all a bit too much, with not long being broken to saddle. Bless her she was amazing so proud of her and her young rider Bree, they are a great team!
Pics below of Velvet and Bree.

Image: Valerock Velvet ridden at RHS

Valerock Velvet and me, at the Royal Highland Show.

Image: Valerock Velvet Royal Highland

14th May

Valerock Miss Brodie has foaled today, a filly, she was born at 3pm in the field luckily I was there to see the birth. Everything went well, she is beautiful and strong, I am delighted with her! 

New born filly, sired by Blairgowrie of Whitefield. 


8th May

Exciting news today, my new boy has arrived from Wales.

Kindly on breeding loan from Catherine McVicar his breeder.

He had a very long journey, poor boy but came off the trailer as fresh as a daisy. Shouting his arrival to the girls in the field. He has an exceptional nature, and has settled straight away, wanting his feed, typical highland!  He is just the type of stallion that I have been looking for, to use on my mares. I am really looking forward to seeing his offspring next year.


Dubhadh Riogail of Glenbuckie



11th March

Yesterday I went to watch Valerock Ambassador (Scotty) yearling colt out of Molly and by Drum, at his first show. He was amazingly well behaved, just a bit excited, he trotted up beautifully, a credit to his owner Jeanie Duckworth, he has only been with her for a couple of weeks and before that was still on his mum and not handled.
Scotty won his class and then went on to get reserve champion, what a fantastic result for them!

Image: Valerock Ambassador

Image: Scotty with his sash

The photo's below are of Valerock Mountain Ash (Bruce) he belongs to Kathryn Boorman.
Kathryn has owned Bruce since he was a two year old. Its so nice to hear news of the ponies that have been sold on. My Brucie updates are always so funny, really look forward to them!
Love the pic of Bruce in his christmas present a show jumpers bonnet,a present from the show jumping yard where Kathryn works ha!
Thank you for the photo's Kathryn, keep them coming.

Image: Bruce and Kathryn


Image: Bruce in his show jumpers bonnet

Image: Valerock Mountain Ash (Bruce)

27th January

Happy belated new year to everyone.

Time for a catch up. All the ponies are wintering well, the weather has been dreadful, rain and more rain and last week snow and ice.
The foals are still on thier mothers this works well for me, they will be weaned in spring.

Velvet is continuing to do well with her ridden work, she is loving the attention, hopefully she will be out to a show soon.

Here are a few snowy pics.

Image: Mares and foals

Image: Bryony and Monarch

Image: April and Violet

Image: Blairgowrie and Brodie

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